About us

Squareloop started with a belief and a purpose to highlight one’s individuality. A resurgence was needed where people could opt for Bags which were made for them rather a style which is in vogue. Squareloop’s magic mantra has always been cater to individuality. An intention to create a new LOOP which breaks barriers and introduces colour, fabric, style which feels more natural. Whether you are fashion-conscious, a polished working professional, or simply a lover of well-made and thoughtfully- crafted design, Squareloop offers the ultimate standard in quality, aesthetic, and functionality.


Our bags explore different elements of closure using loops, rolled in techniques, and a variety of hardware along with alternative materials and structuring. Stunning colours, touches, features, and materials form the crux of the Squareloop brand identity. You will also notice the loop style featured on all of our bags - a hallmark of the brand and a key component of our namesake.